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Débris Friday

2019/10/18 @ 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Débris Friday 2019.10.18 fri 19:00-24:00…

As One supported by Cocalero

2019/10/19 @ 6:00 PM - 11:59 PM

2019.10.19 sat 18:00-24:00 @Débris Daika…

Débris Sunday feat. Gr◯un土,DJ Mila,Naotsun

2019/10/20 @ 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Débris Sunday feat. Gr◯un土,DJ Mila,Naots…

Sammelm at Débris

2019/10/21 @ 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

sammeln 2019.10.21 mon brfore holiday 19…

Unjin and Sunji Live at Débris

2019/10/22 @ 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Unjin and Sunji Live at Débris 2019.10.2…

Debris Wednesday feat. Sinkichi & Earth supported by Spytail

2019/10/23 @ 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Debris Wednesday feat. Sinkichi & Ea…

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Creative Space

creative space "Débris"

Like a true secret speakeasy bar, “Débris” lies behind a wall in a restaurant/library building and must be entered in a special way. Once you know the code to get in, our playful entrance door opens up to a space where people gather night after night for unique music and drinks. Designers for “Débris” include one of the top creators and producers undertaking much acclaimed parties and events around Japan. Its somewhat oriental and highly exclusive atmosphere re-captures the era of prohibition, the time of outlawed alcohol. With its top-flight sound system, sophisticated menu and deeply chill vibes, “Débris” is an ideal venue for any occasions. Chilling and enjoying a little chit-chat with your fellows or trying and spreading the serious cultural statements out loud, just about anything goes here. At “Débris” people come and go and often float around like the space debris in the outer space. It is a slice of Neverland for people in a search for the “SPACE” to reveal their creative mind.


ユーモア溢れる“扉”の先に広がるのは、“破片”や“残骸”を意味する「Débris」と名付けられた空間。 内装はフェスなどで活躍するクリエイターたちと作り上げたもので、“宇宙ゴミ”(Space Debris)によって形成される惑星をイメージしつつ、禁酒法時代に密かに営業していた酒場(スピークイージー)を再現し、ここでしか聴けない音と美味しいお酒を提供する。この場所ならではのコミュニケーションが生まれ、新たな文化を発信する特別な空間。「Débris」は、そんなクリエイティブなスペースを目指している。


Food & Cocktail

Original cocktails from “Débris” produced by our mixologist using the carefully selected spirits and liquors.

Top your evening with our premium drinks : ・"Cocalero”, premium Andean herb liquor, the high profile absolute "IT" booze taking party/club and music festival scenes in Japan by storm. ・"Malfy Gin”, crafted gin from Italy, with an essence of sun-kissed citruses like lemon, blood oranges, and pink grape fruits. ・"Nusa Cana”, new iIndonesian island rum that’s bringing back the forgotten spirit of those very first adventurers and the rum they discovered.

Indulge your appetite our signature congee: ・Adjoining "P.B. Restaurant" can offer an authentic Chinese congee and herbal tea.

Library: ・Enjoy a wide selection of distinctive book exhibits at our library space "PARADICE BOOKS".


日本の音楽イベントや野外フェス、パーティシーンなどで今、最も注目を浴びているアンデス原産の高級リキュール「コカレロ」をはじめ、イタリア・アマルフィ産のレモンを使用した、クラフトジン「マルフィ・ジン」、幻のインドネシア産ラム酒を復活させた「ヌサカーニャ トロピカルアイランドラム」などを使用した極上のカクテルが、スマートな大人のナイトライフを豊かに彩る。併設の「P.B.Restaurant」では薬膳茶や本格中華粥を提供。マニアックな本を取り揃えた移動図書館「PARADISE BOOKS」もお見逃しなく。


Miraculous Encounter, Miraculous Experience!

Débris” is not only a bar where you can sit back and enjoy delicious cocktails, but it can offer whole a lot more! Exhibitions, recitals, DJ/live events, movie screenings.. just to name a few.If you're considering a perfect venue for your next event, contact us for detail.



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